The field of real estate development is continuously growing and evolving. In response to this continuous change, the College of Business Administration at Central Michigan University, with the direction of Dr. Patrick Corcoran, has created Real Estate Development Program.

The CMU undergraduate real estate program is the only one of its kind offered by a business school in the state of Michigan. The program offers students an opportunity to pursue a major or a minor in real estate. The field of real estate is growing and the students of CMU are now able to grow with it!

A compelling feature of our RE program is bringing together students and RE business people in many different settings that include speakers, trips as well as the annual RE conference. In October 2010, we held our fourth annual CMU real estate conference. This conference features about a dozen speakers from backgrounds in RE development, lending, capital markets and RE investments. The conference covers topics in both housing and commercial RE issues. It includes an internship fair that brings together students and RE companies. For pictures from past annual conferences as well as business trips to Chicago, see the heading "RE Conference/trips" on the RE home page.

Major Requirements
Minor Requirements