SAP Certification

​SAP Certifications: The key to achieving technology value

Give yourself a competitive edge with software training certifications from SAP. Globally recognized, SAP certifications demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and hands on experience on ERP software. Currently we offer TERP10, SAP ERP-Integration of Business Processes certification.

Do you want to be part of state-of-the-art training and earn SAP Certification?
What:    SAP Certification—TERP10, SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes

​When:    Two Weeks in May (07 -18), 2018
Where:   The DOW-SAP Learning Lab, Central Michigan University
Why:       You now have an opportunity to further your knowledge of ERP/SAP, gain professional status with SAP Certification, and substantially increase your value to your current or future employer.
Who:       For undergraduate or graduate students who have taken SAP supported courses and are enrolled at CMU and have a desire to capitalize on opportunities as a valuable investment in their careers.

A special two-week SAP Certification Academy will be offered by SAP America & the College of Business Administration at Central Michigan University.  SAP-America will provide SAP Certified faculty to teach the SAP certification training and administer the SAP Certification Exam.

For more information please visit:   SAP Training Portal ​

GOALSThe SAP Certification Academy will prepare you to 

  • ​Enhance your understanding of integration and system navigation in the SAP system.  
  •  Explain how the fundamental business processes interact with ERP in the areas of Sales Order M​anagement, Material and Production Planning, Procurement, Inventory Management, Project Management, Plant Maintenance, Human Capital Management, Financial Accounting, and Management Accounting.
  •  Perform the integrated logistics and financial processes, and use the analytical components such as Business Warehouse and Strategic Enterprise Management.
  • Perform the core business transactions in the functional areas of Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Procurement, Human Resources, Financials, and Controlling.
  • Identify the key master data,  which must be maintained to execute each business process.
  •  Discuss the ERP transactions required to complete each business process cycle.
  •  Identify the key integration points between the different business disciplines supporting each business process cycle.
Course Overview:
  •     ERP Basics
  •     ERP SAP NetWeaver
  •     Business Warehouse
  •     Sales Order Management
  •     Material Planning
  •     Manufacturing Execution
  •     Procurement Cycle
  •     Inventory and Warehouse Management
  •     Lifecycle Data Management
  •     Program and Project Management
  •     Enterprise Asset Management
  •     Human Capital Management
  •     Financial Accounting
  •     Management Accounting
  •     Strategic Enterprise Management​

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