SAP History


In the Beginning:

  • Central Michigan University is chosen in 1997 as one of the first universities in the US to begin educating its students about one of the world's most sophisticated software products.     Pronounced S.A.P as you would say I.B.M, SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. SAP is a type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that brings together all of a business's functions into a single database. CMU is recognized as a leader in SAP education.
  • SAP donated SAP software. System software, including training database and technical support was valued at $1.1 million were donated to CMU by SAP. Eight faculty initially received SAP training. Currently, more than fifteen faculty members have received SAP training.
  • $150,000 Dow Chemical Company Foundation Grant. Grand funds were used to create a 48-station SAP computer lab. The DOW/SAP Learning Lab is dedicated to supporting all courses using the SAP software.

Accomplishments over the years for our SAP University Alliance Program:

  • Two online graduate programs were created to enhance SAP education for off-campus students. The online Master of Business Administration with SAP Concentration incorporates SAP courses and SAP TERP10 Certification into an MBA. The courses include SAP Enterprise Software for Management, SAP Business Information Warehouse, SAP Configuration an implementation for Global Systems, and SAP configuration, Control, and Implementation of Global Accounting Systems.
  • CMU expands program to include off-campus SAP TERP10 Certification Academies in Troy, Michigan.  In conjunction with the new online graduate programs, CMU began offering SAP Certification Academies at its Troy campus in the summer of 2008.
  • Dow Chemical SAP Award of Excellence. The Dow chemical company has supported six $500 scholarships annually since 1998 for undergraduate and graduate students who have shown outstanding performance in conducting academic work in an SAP supported course.
  • Awards of Recognition presented to students. Since 1998, each student who successfully completes a class supported by SAP receives the "CMU SAP Award of Recognition." To date, over 8,200 students have participated in business courses supported by SAP and received an Award of Recognition. Since the spring of 1999, students completing at least three courses supported by SAP have received a "Three-Course SAP Award of Recognition" form SAP.
  • First SAP University Alliance Student User Group. CMU students formed the first SAP student group in the US. Members of the group have had the opportunity to network with employers including such notable companies as John Deere, Miller Brewing, Harley-Davidson, Quaker Oats, Dow Chemical, All State, 3M, Dow Corning, and St. Jude Medical.
  • CMU students participate in state-wide SAP Users Group meetings in various states. SAP Students have visited state-wide meetings in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. 
  • Recent business graduate represented CAU at the SAP America SAPPHIRE Conference. Greg Boehmer, a CMU graduate, represented CMU's SAP University Alliance Program as one of sic students selected by SAP from universities across the country. At the conference, Greg had the opportunity to meet with Hasso Plattner, one of the founding fathers of SAP.
  • Faculty participates in the SAP Curriculum and Research Innovation Congress. CMU's College of Business Administration's SAP faculty annually attends SAP's Curriculum Congress. Over the years, many of the faculty have made formal presentations at a congress.
  • SAP Salary Study. Frank Andera, Director of CMU's SAP University Alliance Program, has completed three salary studies which examined the starting salaries of CMU business graduates comparing those who have taken SAP courses against those who have not. CMU students who have taken SAP supported courses have received starting salaries as high as $10,000 more than those without SAP education and experience. 
  • $50,000 grant received by retired SAP faculty member Dr. Kathy Utecht. The grant was titled "Information Rich Technology System: Appraising the Value of Human Resources in SAP."
  • Distinguished SAP Scholar Award.  Presented by SAP America to Dr. Kathy Utecht, retired SAP human resources faculty member. Dr. Utecht received this award for her leadership role in developing SAP-enabled curriculum in human resources management.
  • Arthur Andersen, Alumni Professorship in Accounting.  Presented by Arthur Andersen to CMU's SAP accounting faculty member, Robert Bromley. The award honors Bromley's contributions to teaching, research, and professional development.
  • Governor's High Tech Jobs Endeavor Program.  CMU received an award from the governor's office for its leadership role in educating students in sate0of-the -art technology through its SAP university alliance program.
  • CMU faculty invited to present at SAPPHIRE meetings in Los Angeles & Philadelphia.  Faculty presented their model for their integration of ERP into the core curriculum of a College of Business Administration.
  • Recognized as a "Leading AACSB Institution." Awarded by the international accreditation body, American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business-International Association for Management Education. 
  • 2008 CMU SAPSUG celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Since then the program has continued to gain strength and popularity, making it one of the best in the nation.