2016 Hall of Fame Inductee

Douglas C. Iles, '06

2016 Faculty Award

     The late Doug Iles began his career as a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Advisor in 1981 and formed The Iles Group seven years later. Throughout his career, he was frequently recognized as one of Barron's top financial advisors.

Iles brought transformational change to the personal financial program at CMU and helped dozens of students start their careers.

He channeled his knowledge of the industry to secure a Certified Financial Planning® Board certification for the university's personal financial planning program — making it one of only three CFP® Board-registered bachelor's degree programs in Michigan. As a professor and dedicated mentor, Iles helped dozens of students excel in the classroom and launch successful careers.

"He was an incredible man. Not only did he see value in me and decide he was willing to spend time mentoring me, he carved out so much time for all of his students," Dan Ingles, a 2015 CMU alumnus, said of Iles. "He is the reason I went to work at Merrill Lynch."

Iles connected students with prominent employers attending on-campus financial planning program career events. He also developed and facilitated a CFP® boot camp to better prepare students for the CFP® certification exam. His guidance helped lead a team of students to second place at the 2016 International Association of Registered Financial Consultants National Plan Competition.

In addition to his many contributions directly to students and the personal financial planning program, Iles leveraged his success and knowledge to advance the university as a whole. He served a member of the Development Board, as well as chair of the Development Board Investment Committee and CMU Medical School Fundraising Committee.