Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

​​Candidates for induction to the CBA Hall of Fame will be considered for induction based on their achievements, professionalism, and character.  A significant achievement is one in which the exceptional skills and abilities of the candidate are exemplified.  All candidates must be alumni or former faculty of the College of Business Administration.

  • Nominee’s major career focus has been in the field of business as an entrepreneur, executive, owner, or in any profession that provides support and counsel to business.
  • Nominee has made outstanding accomplishments in business through innovative methods and has expanded the horizons of his/her chosen field.
  • Nominee has industry and peer recognition.
  • Nominee has displayed the highest level of ethics in the business dealings.
  • Nominee serves as a role model for business students/professionals.
  • Nominee is a graduate or former faculty of the CMU CBA; Nominee must be present to win. ​Posthumous inductees may be represented by a family member or business associate.