​​Staying connected to the College of Business Administration is an excellent way for you to have a meaningful impact on current and future students, strengthen the value of its programs and degrees - including your own, and improve your networking circles.

There are many opportunities to get involved with the college, programs, alumni, and students.  These include:

  • Being a mentor
  • Guest speaking at a class or business-related student organization
  • Sharing your good news, updates and photos of your “C” in action in the Exchange publication
  • Bringing your business project to a class – experiential learning is invaluable to our students
  • Nominating a successful former classmate for one of the CBA Alumni Awards or the new CBA Hall of Fame.
  • Investing in the college to provide support for student scholarships, professorships, and more
  • Renew college friendships and introduce your family to CMU during Homecoming activities

To learn more about any of these exciting opportunities to transform the college, please call Melodie Boling, at 989-774-1732 or email her at ander2ma@cmich.edu .