Benefits of Living in the Business Residential College​​​
  • ​​Live and learn with other business students in a positive and supportive learning community
  • Enroll in core courses with other BRC students, with some classes meeting on-site
  • Form study groups and participate in cooperative learning experiences
  • Connect with peer mentor and upper-class business students
  • Interact with and learn from business faculty and upper-class business students
  • Develop skills through teambuilding and networking opportunities
  • Explore leadership development, multicultural awareness, community service, and other experiential learning activities
  • Participate in the BRC Mentoring Program, which matches freshmen with upper-class business students in their area of study to explore majors and opportunities within registered student organizations.
  • Receive advising and guidance from program director, leading to the creation of an individualized 4 year Academic Planning Document ​