Admission Requirements (BS in BA Degree)

Admission to Professional Business Studies*

*Consistent with Standard #4 of our accrediting body, AACSB

Tier 1 Continuing Admission to Professional Business Studies

Earn a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) in the following courses:

  • BUS 100 (3) Essential Business Skills
  • BIS 101WI (3) Essential Business Communication Skills
  • ECO 202 (3) Microeconomics (UP IIIB)

Tier 2 Full Admission to Professional Business Studies will be awarded to students who satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Completion of at least 42 cr. with a minimum cumulative 2.50 CMU GPA 
  2. Completion of the following courses:
    • ECO 204 (3) Principles of Macro- and Global Economics
    • ACC 250 (3) Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • BLR 235 (3) Business Law (some sections offered WI)
    • STA 282QR (3) Intro to Stats OR STA 383QR (3) Ele. Stats. (UP IIB)
    • MTH 217 (4) Bus. Calculus OR MTH 132 (4) Calculus I (UP IIB)
  3. A 2.0 min. cumulative GPA is required in the following: BUS 100, BIS 101WI, ECO 202 , ECO 204, ACC 250, BLR 235, and STA 282QR or STA 382QR.

Policies for students earning a BS in BA Degree:

  • The sequence of prerequisites requires careful planning with an advisor.
  • Students must have one of the above required MTH or STA courses completed and a minimum overall CMU GPA of 2.50 in order to enroll in ACC 255, BIS 255, and MGT 258.
  • All BSBA Admission Requirements must be met prior to enrolling in FIN 302, MGT 303, & MKT 304.


  • Students must declare a major before earning 56 credits. Business majors and minors can be declared with a faculty member or an academic advisor in Business Student Services, or by emailing

Note for prospective transfer students:

  • Students need to earn 6 or 12 credits of Writing Intensive coursework. Since BIS 101WI and BLR 235WI are the Writing Intensive courses students earning a BS in Business Administration Degree complete, students are encouraged to avoid transferring in equivalencies of those two courses. Students who complete their University Program requirements by fulfilling the MTA (Michigan Transfer Agreement), MACRAO Agreement, or Transfer Block Option need 6 credit hours of WI coursework.  All other students need 12 hours of WI coursework. Please see an advisor to confirm if you need 6 or 12 credits of WI coursework.