Business-Connected Programs and Events

Dialogue Days

This college-sponsored two-day event invites approximately 60 business professionals from dozens of companies around the nation into CBA classrooms to become connected with students.

Career Day

More than 140 companies - many of them Fortune 1000 companies - come to campus each fall & spring to recruit CBA students. Career Day is organized by Alpha Kappa Psi.

Executive in Residence Program

Faculty and students have the opportunity to interact with prominent executives in an open exchange of current business issues to gain insights into the complexities of the business world.

Networking Opportunities

The opportunity to network with business professionals exists in various informal and formal settings. Business professionals periodically join classrooms to examine case studies or host classes on-site at their place of work. Student Organizations bring speakers and plan events which promote networking as well.

Consulting Opportunities

The Logistics Management Honors Council offers real-world consulting projects to students.