Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding which business major to earn

  • I am unsure which business major is best for me. How can I decide?
    • There are a number of suggestions a business advisor or faculty advisor can provide to help you learn about majors and options available to you. We suggest you first meet with your academic advisor. You can also complete a self-assessment and schedule a career coaching appointment with the CMU Career Development Center. 

BS in BA Degree Admission Requirements

  • I am changing my major to business and have questions about the sequence of courses that have prerequisites.  What should I do?
    • Email and request to be connected to a business advisor.  You will receive an appointment booking link to schedule an appointment.
  • I see the minimum overall CMU GPA for admission for the B.S. in Business Administration Degree is a 2.50.  What happens if I don't have that GPA?
    • The minimum 2.50 Admission GPA is a requirement. That means that a 2.49 for example, does not round up.  Students below a 2.50 GPA are not able to move forward in these courses: ACC 255, BIS 255, and MGT 258, in addition to numerous other courses. We encourage you to meet with your academic advisor to explore strategies to raise your GPA.

Problems Registering for Courses

  • I am trying to register for co-requisite courses or (FIN 302, MGT 303 & MKT 304) and am getting an error message.
    • Choose a block for the Integrated Core Courses so that all three courses have the same letter (FIN 302C, MGT 303C, MKT 304C )
    • Once your courses are selected in blue in Course Search and Registration online, open the "Planned" Tab under "My Courses"on the top side of the screen, select the courses and click the green register button. See illustration:acc bis reg 2.png