Student Organizations

The College of Business Administration encourages students at all class levels to join a CBA student organization to build important networking contacts, gain knowledge about your career area, and experience valuable leadership opportunities.


Beta Alpha Psi is an international honorary financial information organization that sponsors social, technical and educational events to promote awareness and educate Finance, Information Systems, and Accounting students.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) is open to all students majoring in accounting and other majors in the College of Business Administration. We aim to diversify the CBA and provide future business leaders with opportunities.

  • For more information, contact School of Accounting at 989-774-3796, located in Grawn 312.

Business Information Systems

SAP University Alliance Student User Group (SAP-UASUG) was started in 1998 at CMU to serve as a means for students who use SAP to pursue knowledge of the system outside of the class room. The organization has membership that includes students from all areas of business and is well supported by faculty and administration. The SAP-University Alliance Student User Group at CMU is the first of its kind in the nation and provides a unique opportunity for students to gain exclusive knowledge about the system.

  • Email: Advisor: Dr. Frank Andrea, 774-6503.


The Economics Club exists to confer distinctions for high scholastic achievement in economics, stimulate and promote student interest in all aspects of economics, and establish a network among students who major or minor in economics at CMU.

  • For more information, contact the Economics Department at 989-774-3870, located in Sloan Hall, Room 321.


Students in Free Enterprise (S.I.F.E.) is an organization that works in conjunction with the LaBelle Entrepreneurial Center. The CMU division of SIFE began four years ago. The group's main objective is to help people achieve their dreams through free enterprise education. They accomplish this by developing and completing real world examples of business in action. In April, SIFE will be attending the regional competition in Chicago where they will present their accomplishments.

  • Advisor: Dr. Chelakara Subbaraman, 774-2682 or e-mail:
  • Or, contact the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship: ABSC 164 | (989) 774-3270

Epsilon​ Nu Tau is the "Nation's First Coed Entrepreneurship Fraternity" and it is open to students of all academic areas of focus. ENT is devoted to creating a fraternal society of well-rounded entrepreneurial individuals and also to providing our members with the proper resources for success in their future profession.

  • Advisor: Robby Roberts, 774-3270 or e-mail:
  • Or, contact the Labelle Entrepreneurial Center: ABSC 164 | (989) 774-3270

Finance & Law

Financial Management Association welcomes students of all majors with an opportunity to develop the skills needed for professional growth. FMA offers members interactions with financial service professionals, both on campus and with trips to financial districts. In addition to guest professional speakers and opportunities to network, FMA sponsors workshops for resume and job skill enrichment. The personal and professional skills obtained through membership aid in a successful transition into a career.

  • For more information, contact the Finance and Law Department at 989-774-3362, located in Sloan Hall, Room 332.


Society for Advancement of Management (SAM) gives students a personal introduction to practicing managers in various fields and successful management techniques in current use. SAM takes annual trips and tours different organizations each semester. There are many leadership opportunities, volunteer activities, fundraisers, and opportunities for students to increase their management skills.

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) offers a way to get involved, network and meet new people. Members of SHRM enter the job market more prepared due to exposure to experts in the field of HR. Leadership positions are available to highly motivated members.

  • For more information contact the Department of Management at 989-774-3193, located in Smith Hall, Room 200.

Marketing & Hospitality Services Administration

American Marketing Association (AMA) attracts students of all majors and minors with an interest in marketing. Members participate in fundraisers, volunteer at activities, bi-monthly corporate speaker lectures. Each semester, the E-board organizes a trip for a group of 40 members to visit major corporations in locations such as Toronto, Cleveland, and Chicago. AMA is the largest registered student organization on campus.

Hospitality and Tourism Society (HTS) is designed to support students in the hospitality, recreation, and tourism by sponsoring guest speakers and tours of industry. HTS is strongly recommended if your studies or interests are within these industries.

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) is a co-ed professional sales, marketing, and management fraternity, supporting members in regional and national sales competitions and sales projects.

  • For more information, contact the Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration at 989-774-3701, located in Smith Hall, Room 100.

Logistics Management Council Honor Society provides a vehicle for learning experiences in logistical management. Members gain an understanding of the logistics process through dialogue between students and professionals in theory and practice, as well as by participating in consulting projects for major corporations. Benefits of the organization include the council of Logistics Management National Annual Conference and local CLM roundtables, where students experience seminars, speeches and networking.

  • For more information, contact the Department of Marketing and Hospitality Services Administration at 989-774-3701, located in Smith Hall, Room 100.

Supply Chain Management Association provides an opportunity for learning experiences in supply-chain management for all individuals affiliated with CMU. SCM builds student's abilities in this field along with providing volunteer service and leadership opportunities. Our overall goal is to further develop a better understanding of supply-chain management and all it entails.

  • For more information, contact the Department of Marketing and Hospitality at 989-774-3701, located in Smith Hall, Room 100.

Business Fraternities & Organizations

Alpha Kappa Psi is the nation's oldest and largest professional business fraternity. CMU's chapter includes over sixty members seeking to perfect interviewing skills, resume writing, proper dinner etiquette, and overall professionalism. The fraternity sponsors Career Day twice a year, where over ninety companies come to campus to recruit CMU business students. Members also listen to at least eight guest speakers per year and actively participate in community service and fundraising activities. AKP offers great networking opportunities through numerous alumni contacts.

  • Advisor: Dr. Thomas Anthony, 774-4430.

Beta Gamma Sigma was founded in 1913 as a national organization. The CMU chapter was chartered in 1986. The society's purpose is three-fold: to encourage and reward scholarships, to promote the advancement of education in business, and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations. To be eligible for membership, you need to be a business major and be in the top 5% of your class for Juniors, top 10% for Seniors and top 20% for MBA students.

  • Advisor: Dr. Philip Kintzele, 774-3798

Phi Chi Theta is a professional business fraternity. We offer an array of professional events including resume workshops, etiquette dinners, and more. We also go on business trips in and out of state and have quite a few other business/social events. Our goal is the achievement of higher business education for anyone pursuing a business career.

  • Advisor: Dr. Sean Goffnett, 774-7336 email