Study Abroad

Why is Study Abroad so valuable?

As you share your resume with prospective employers, you will highlight your academic course work and your extracurricular involvement. However, one of the most appealing assets a student can have is the benefit of studying abroad. In the coming decades, a majority of the U.S.'s economic growth will be taking place overseas, in foreign development and export markets, making students with experience abroad very attractive to potential employers.

When you study outside the United States, you learn about another culture, travel to a foreign country and earn academic credit that counts toward your CMU degree. Foreign study also broadens your view of the world and offers you a global experience - qualities that companies seek as they hire employees for a global workforce.

Over 450 CMU students study abroad each year. With more than 100 programs in 30 countries on six continents, you will be able to study a variety of different subjects. Many business students complete courses in their major while studying overseas. Students do not have to speak another language to study abroad; programs taught in English are available in many countries. Students may also take intensive language programs, take academic subjects (including major courses) in a foreign language, and even learn languages not available on campus.