Journalism (photojournalism concentration), Music

Best part of CMU’s journalism program:

“Journalism classes at CMU are taught by experienced professionals who know what their students need to find success in journalism. Also, student organizations like Central Michigan Life and Grand Central magazine allow us to gain real-world experience in our field.”

Involved in:

  • Central Michigan Life
    • Staff photographer
  • Central Press Photographers Association
  • Grand Central magazine

Biggest accomplishment at CMU:

“Earning the Rising Star Award at Central Michigan Life."

What you do to be competitive in your field:

“I try to keep up with the current trends in photojournalism - such as video and multimedia - and hone my skills in them. The journalism program at CMU stresses the importance of learning new media, so that has helped as well.”

Dream career:

“I would like to shoot for a newspaper in a medium-sized city—one where there is a lot going on, but community journalism is still stressed.”

Suggestion to students interested in the journalism program:

“Go for it! Journalism is one of the most exciting career fields and is changing and growing every day. Get involved now and never be afraid to take risks.” ​