Integrative Public Relations


Journalism and Communication

Best part of CMU’s journalism program:

“People recognize CMU’s journalism program. In high school, I job shadowed a reporter from California. She suggested I check out CMU because she had heard great things about CMU’s programs in journalism, broadcasting and communication.”

Involved in:

  • Public Relations Student Society of America
    • SGA representative/professional liaison, 2008-09
    • Committee chairperson for the annual Parents’ Brunch, 2008-09
    • Most involved member for fall 2007 and spring 2008
  • PR Central
    • Treasurer, 2008-2009
    • Account Executive, 2008-2009
  • Student Government Association
    • Public relations chairperson, 2008-2009

Biggest accomplishment at CMU:

“Teaching myself how to use Adobe InDesign while at CMU Public Relations and Marketing. I had never used the program before, but I learned to use it with little instruction.”


“At my internship at CMU Public Relations and Marketing, I found it exciting to look through a magazine and see something that was my concept and writing. I was given countless opportunities to develop my skills.”

What she does to be competitive in her field:

“I gain experience outside of CMU in any way I can through freelance writing and providing free public relations services to nonprofits. I have also created my own web site with an online portfolio and blog about public relations.”

Dream career:

“I’m very ambitious. In the future, I’d like to start my own PR firm and a magazine.”

Suggestion to students interested in the journalism program:

“Employers aren’t going to care that you got good grades and received a degree. They’ll want to know what you learned outside of class. Involvement in CM Life, PRSSA or another co-curricular activity will give you real experience to sell your skills and land a job.” ​