MSA 501 Managing Change with Emotional Intelligence


All MSA students under the 10-11 Bulletin are required to take six core courses: MSA 600, MSA 601, MSA 602 , MSA 603, MSA 604, and MSA 699.

Upon the examination of the origins, present status, and future directions of emotional intelligence as a leadership function, the student will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Research and analyze the history and domains of emotional intelligence to include emotional intelligence objectives.
  2. Research and analyze the forces which shape various models for emotional intelligence.
  3. Research, analyze and describe change management and leadership strategies.
  4. Research, analyze and report examples of emotional intelligence competencies appropriate and necessary for leadership professionals.
  5. Hypothesize the impact of a leader style on the organization’s strategic leadership through the use of case studies. 
  6. Research, analyze, synthesize and report on the emotional intelligence performance of one organization leader using a strategic decision-making process, integrating previous knowledge and skills from related core courses.
  7. Examine, analyze, synthesize and report on the strengths and weaknesses of strategic leadership teams in organizations.


Typical MSA 501 Topics:

Change theories and models
Ethics and morality
How emotional intelligence fits into the organization
Change teams
Strategic decisions using emotional intelligence
Impact of EI on Leadership