MSA 650 Organization Theory: Strategy and Structure

All MSA students under the 10-11 Bulletin are required to take six core courses: MSA 600, MSA 601, MSA 602 , MSA 603, MSA 604, and MSA 699.

MSA 650 has been replaced by MSA 601.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, the student should:

Understand the general systems approach to studying organizations.

Discuss the components of the environments of organizations.

Be knowledgeable about the diverse designs available in structuring organizations.

Apply appropriate decision making, planning and coordinating strategies to produce organizational goals.

Develop strategies for implementing change within organizations.

Typical MSA 650 topics:

Organizational environment
General systems theory
Organizational goals
Organic systems
Structural design
Power in the organization
Conflict in the organization
Organizational growth
Strategy and management structure​