MSA 660 Marketing Administration

All MSA students under the 10-11 Bulletin are required to take six core courses: MSA 600, MSA 601, MSA 602 , MSA 603, MSA 604, and MSA 699.  MSA 660 may be used as a cognate course.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, the student should:

Discuss theories and practices in modern marketing management.

Incorporate in practice an understanding of the role, problems encountered, skills required, and the functions of the marketing manager.

Use the behavioral and quantitative tools that may be utilized by marketing managers in making decisions.

Combine the scientific method and acquired knowledge to properly analyze and make decisions concerning marketing problems.

Develop a marketing strategy.

Effectively perform selected marketing management tasks.

Typical MSA 660 topics:

Strategic role of marketing
Consumer buyer behavior
Organizational buyer behavior
Marketing research
Market segmentation/targeting
Product and services decisions
Pricing decisions
Distribution decisions
Strategies/new and growing markets
Strategies/mature and declining markets
International marketing