MSA 685 Integrative Analysis of Administration

All MSA students under the 10-11 Bulletin are required to take six core courses: MSA 600, MSA 601, MSA 602 , MSA 603, MSA 604, and MSA 699. All MSA student are required to take MSA 685 or MSA 699. MSA 690 is an optional course, but strongly recommended for students who need hands-on administrative experience.

Beginning summer 2010, MSA 685, Integrative Analysis of Administration is replaced by MSA 699, Applied Research Project in Administration.  Please see the MSA 699 course description for more information.​

"The courses in the Information Resource Management concentration have given me a much deeper understanding of how to manage IT resources in the workplace. I now have a much deeper knowledge of business processes and the important part that technology can play." - Aaron Kerr, MSA Student
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