Master of Science in Administration Leadership Graduate Certificate

Degree objective: The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Administration (MSA) Program is designed for students pursuing administrative careers. The program offers insight into human and organizational relationships; develops skills in oral and written communication; enhances the capacity for sound analytical judgment; and encourages the ability to see the "big picture" as it relates to an organization and its environment. Course work focuses on applied action grounded in theory and embraces the fundamental educational principles applicable to administrative issues in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, and stresses the ethical responsibilities of administrators. Concentration objective: Enables students to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, group dynamics, organizational change, management of conflict, negotiation, cultural diversity and communication.


Certificate Requirements
3 credits
PAD 785
Strategic Leadership
Concentration Electives
12 credits
CED 555
Human Relations Skills
COM 560
Communication and Social/Organizational Change
COM 561
Communication in Conflict Management
COM 665
Seminar in Communication and Negotiation in Employee​ Relations
COM 667
Seminar in Intercultural Communication
ECO 515
Collective Bargaining and Labor Law OR
​MGT 646 Labor Relations Issues ​3
​MGT 649 ​Seminar in Organizational Development ​3
​MSA 501 ​Manag​ing Change with Emotional Intelligence ​3
​MSA 502​Workforce Improvement​3
​MSA 503​Gender and Generational Supervision​3​
​MSA 510 ​Global Leadership Perspectives ​3
​MSA 696 ​Special Topics ​3
​PHL 518 ​Professional Ethics ​3
​PSY 531 ​Group Dynamics ​3
​PSY 535 ​Organizational Psychology ​3


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