Philanthropy and Fundraising Graduate Certificate Certificate

Master of Science in Administration Philanthropy and Fundraising Graduate Certificate

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Degree objective: The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Administration (MSA) Program is designed for students pursuing administrative careers. The program offers insight into human and organizational relationships; develops skills in oral and written communication; enhances the capacity for sound analytical judgment; and encourages the ability to see the "big picture" as it relates to an organization and its environment. Course work focuses on applied action grounded in theory and embraces the fundamental educational principles applicable to administrative issues in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, and stresses the ethical responsibilities of administrators. Concentration objective: Provides an appropriate educational experience for students who intend to pursue careers in the field of philanthropy and fundraising.  Students will gain an understanding of the history and cultural traditions of philanthropic and fundraising organizations as well as the knowledge to manage such organizations.  Decision-making skills, analysis and integration of theory and application will strengthen students' understanding of the roles, influence and impact of the discipline in the economic, political, and social arena.

Certificate Requirements
18 credits
​MSA 641
Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Philanthropy​3
​MSA 642
Principles, Theory and Ethical Practices in Fundraising and Grantmaking​3
​MSA 643
Administration of Annual, Capital Campaigns and Major Gifts​3
​MSA 644
Philanthropy: The Role of Foundations, Non Profit Organizations in Society​3
​MSA 645
Strategic Philanthropy: Corporations, Foundations, Individuals and Bequests​3
Certificate Electives
​choose 1 of the following
​EDL 609
Administration of Volunteer Programs​3
​EDL 610
Grants and Funds Procurement​3
​MSA 612
Grants Fiscal Administration​3
​RPL 521
Fund Development and Grant Writing for Public & Non-profit Organizations​3
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