Capstone Instructor Resources

MSA 698, Directed Administrative Portfolio

Resources from Nov. 2016 MSA 698 Training Session

Video links and PowerPoint Presentations

Video:  Introduction to the course
MSA 698 DIRECTED ADMINISTRATIVE PORTFOLIO training November 4 2016 update.pptx

Video:  Writing Center Presentation
Writing Center Presentation Commenting with purpose.pptx

Video:  MSA 698: Perspectives on teaching the course 
MSA 698 Teaching Perspectives.ppt
MSA 698 Sessions 1 thru 4 Format Suggestions.ppt

Video:  Adding MSA 601 content
MSA601 highlights for MSA698.pptx

Adding MSA 602 content
MSA 602 for MSA 698 course.ppt

Video:  Adding MSA 603 content
MSA 603 Class for 698.pptx

Video:  Adding MSA 604 content
MSA 604 Presentation from the 15 November 2016 CMU Troy Center Workshop on teaching MSA 698.pptx

MSA 699 Training Videos

MSA 699 Best Practices Video (this is required viewing for new MSA 699 instructors and recommended for existing instructors)

Video:  An Introduction to teaching MSA 699 (F2F and online faculty discussion)

RRA PowerPoint presentation.pptx

MSA 699 Blackboard Rubric Resources
(new for fall 2015)


  • MSA 699 electronic review and project storage (new procedures pending/look for announcements in early Spring 2015)

Other Resources