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This section includes MSA 699 resources: Information, forms, and templates for the Research Review Application process, The Student Guide to the MSA Capstone Project, The MSA Student's Guide to CITI, and The MSA Student's Guide to IRBNet.

MSA Grading/Evaluation rubric: 
Beginning with fall 2015, instructors and reviewers will use a Blackboard rubric to grade the MSA 699 project.

Statement of Requirements for Removal of MSA 699 Incomplete

MSA 699 removal of I form.pdf

Research Review Application process:

Effective August 1, 2010, the majority of MSA students will use the Research Review Application process.  RRA approval or IRB approval is required as part of the graduation audit.  Projects meeting specific conditions will require CITI completion and IRB approval.  As always, contact your MSA 699 instructor for guidance.   

The fillable PDF will accept either a digital signature (see instructions below) or a typed signature.  The fillable Word version will accept only a typed signature.


MSA 699 Resources (July 2016 Edition) (available in pdf)

Guide Part 1 THE STUDENT GUIDE TO THE MSA CAPSTONE PROJECT July 2016.pdf (The Research Proposal and the Research Project)

Guide Part 2 RRA PROCESS THE STUDENT GUIDE TO THE MSA CAPSTONE PROJECT July 2016.pdf (The Research Review Application Process, FAQs, MSA 699 Information, and Library Support)

Application for Approval of the MSA 699 Capstone Project (form 78)
(This form is used for approval of the research proposal.  This is not the RRA form.  Please look in the section above for the RRA (research review application) form.)

78(fillable) revised June 2014.pdf

IRB - Human Subjects Research

In addition to promoting the acquisition of external support for faculty and staff research and programmatic and creative endeavors, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is responsible for ensuring that CMU is fully compliant with a variety of research-related policies and procedures. The increasing complexity of the research process, the requirements of federal and state agencies, and the accountability of university personnel to colleagues, students, the university, and the larger community necessitate that CMU provide its research community with mechanisms that ensure that research is conducted in a manner that is compliant with all governing oversight offices.

To accomplish this goal, ORGS has adopted a software package called IRBNet that is designed to be open to the entire CMU research community and assists in the management and oversight that support IRB, IACUC, and other compliance boards with one unified solution.

IRBNet will allow for online submission of research proposals involving humans and animals and will create required reporting documents for the oversight and regulatory offices.

IRBNet is an enterprise-class, hosted toolset that is secure and accessible from anywhere, anytime on any platform. Users need only have an internet connection and a browser, thus making it possible for our off-campus programs to use this system for submission of proposals.

Online Training in the Use of Human Subjects

CITI training is only required for students who need the IRB process because they plan to use human subjects in their research and either publish project results or disseminate to a wider audience.

Effective January 1, 2009, all investigators conducting research with human subjects will be required to complete training in the protection of human subjects in research.  CMU has adopted the online training system offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). CITI offers courses in the responsible conduct of research and can be individualized for specific university needs.  CITI allows for the tracking of individuals who have completed their respective training requirements. Thus, individuals who are required to complete training in human subjects research would complete only the training relevant in this area.

Implications for Research Involving Human Subjects

All investigators conducting research with human subjects and going through the IRB approval process must provide evidence of training in human-subjects protection. Completion of CITI training is reported to CMU.

Support: Please contact Deb Geasler at 989-774-6401.

ORSP (Office of Research and Graduate Studies)

IRB Committee Information