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MSA 690 Internship

The MSA 690, Internship, is a 300-hour internship experience. The student will works with an institutional supervisor as part of the 300-hour internship experience. Students submit a log to the internship coordinator, Denise Schafer, in order to document the 300 internship hours. A reflective paper may also be required.

The internship is a vital part of the academic program and provides interns a consolidated period of time to relate and apply what they have learned in the classroom to a project within an organization. The internship provides an introduction to the daily activities of management and administration. It also provides students with an organizational setting for their capstone research project.

The MSA 690 internship is not intended for students who are already employed in administrative positions. Those students should enroll in MSA 685. Students who are employed full-time in non-administrative position may do the internship under the following conditions: 1) The internship opportunity constitutes 300 hours outside of the student's normal job assignment and 2) The internship opportunity meets the objectives for an internship as specified on in the internship guidelines. The MSA 690 instructor will determine if the internship opportunity meets the objectives.

The objectives of the internship are to be achieved in a general way for all interns. Whenever possible, the internship should be tailored to the interests and professional needs of the interns that takes into account his/her previous experience and areas of interest. The intern is expected to develop written objectives for his/her MSA 690 instructor, and then with his/her institutional supervisor. When interns have special personal/professional needs that should be considered during the internship, these will be communicated from the faculty and/or advisor to the institutional supervisor. The objectives of the internship are:

To observe and study the role, functions and style of management and administration.

To understand the goals and planning processes of the organization and how they are determined and to understand the priorities of the organization and how/why they are selected.

To analyze a decision-making process at different levels of the organization, including the responsibilities, function, and organization of the governing board, the management staff, the administrative staff, as well as other staff units, and other key departments.

To understand the dynamics of relationships:

1. Between the administrative staff and the departments,
2. Among departments,
3. Among governance, management, administration, and other staff units, and
4. Within specialized staff units.

To understand the operational effectiveness of the organization.

To enhance the intern's understanding of the organizational structure, the organization's place within the system, and the organization's relationship with other institutions.

To provide an environment to enhance the understanding of, and the controlled application and testing of skills, theories, and concepts presented during the intern's academic preparation.

To strengthen judgment, decisiveness, and related administrative skills in the functional service environment.

To develop an appreciation of the need for a code of ethics, a philosophy, and a dedication to the high ideals and standards of administrative organizations.

To provide an evaluation of the intern in relation to his/her needs for professional development and potential for a career in the specified area of concentration.

To study an organizational problem and develop recommendations to management by means of the capstone research project.​

"Central Michigan University made me feel at home as an international graduate student. The faculty and staff were extremely helpful and understanding. During my internship experience I received hands-on training that will be very beneficial to me as I pursue a career in International Administration." - Dasha Pidkorytova, MSA Student
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