Registration Information

U.S. students are eligible to enroll in graduate level courses after they receive their admission letter and have paid their graduate orientation fee. Initial registration must occur within one calendar year of admission date or the student will need to reapply.  New international students are eligible to enroll in graduate level courses after they arrive on campus and check in with CMU's Office of International Affairs.

The information you need regarding dates and procedures for Phase I registration (course selection), Phase II registration, and change of registration for a particular semester is published by the Registrar's Office in the Class Schedule. The CMU Class Schedule is available online at  Registration for Fall Semester takes place from March to July and again in August; for Spring semester, it takes place from October to November and again in January; and registration for Summer sessions takes place from February to March and again May and June. Exact dates are printed in the class schedule or may be obtained online at

Registrar's Office
212 Warriner Hall
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI  48859
(989) 774-3261

NOTE: The University reserves the right to withdraw any class in which too few students enroll.

Registration Procedure

Graduate students may register any time during the registration period (New international students cannot enroll for classes until they arrive and check in with the Office of International Affairs). Before registering for courses, students should verify that they meet the prerequisites. This is particularly true for internships, practica, independent studies, and thesis/dissertation credits.

Students can register the courses through CMU student Portal at portal​​.

CAUTION: Students should always consult their advisors to determine which classes to take.

NOTE: Occasionally a student who is trying to register is told that there is a "hold" on his or her registration. Students who receive this message should contact the College of Graduate Studies at (989) 774-4723  to determine the cause of the hold. ​​​​