Graduate Assistantshipsships

Graduate Assistantships are service-related appointments, requiring teaching, research, or administrative services or a combination of the three.  The responsibilities may be quite variable.  A full-time assistantship requires approximately 20 hours of work per week; a half-time assistantship requires about 10 hours weekly.  For summer assistantships, a full-time appointment requires approximately 320 hours of work throughout the summer; a half-time assistantship requires approximately 160 hours.  Note: Graduate students may be awarded a graduate assistantship OR a fellowship (CMU or otherwise).  Graduate students may not receive both during the same academic year. 

Graduate Assistants receive a stipend, a tuition scholarship, and special library privileges.  Graduate assistants must maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0.  The following credit hour loads are also required: Graduate Assistants fall or spring semesters: 6 credit hours; Graduate Assistants summer semester: 3 credit hours. Teaching and Administrative Assistants are members of a collective bargaining unit.  More information is available at: Research assistants are not members of the union and information related to their appointments is also available online at

Interested students should request application forms and information directly from their academic departments.  Individual departments manage all aspects of assistantships, including receiving and screening applications and making award decisions. The College of Graduate Studies does not possess graduate assistantship positions.  The timing of decisions regarding graduate assistantship awards varies by department. Many decisions are made by March of each year for assignments beginning the following fall semester. After March, students should check with their departments to see if openings are still available.