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Graduate Student Orientation

Fall & Spring: Online
All new graduate students are invited to attend Graduate Student Orientation online. Orientation provides information helpful to graduate students. Individuals from across campus provide information on numerous subjects including library resources, technology labs and workshops, offices on campus which assist graduate students, and graduate policies. Students also receive information from the Graduate Handbook, information on various university resources, and information on campus and community activities which might be of interest to graduate students. Online Graduate Student Orientation is available at

Graduate Assistant Training

Fall & Spring: Online
All graduate students who receive graduate assistantships are required to complete online Graduate Assistant Training. This program provides information with which students, as employees of the university, must be familiar. For instance, students must know about the American with Disabilities Act and they must also be familiar with the definition of sexual harassment. Depending upon the type of assistantship students receive, they must also participate in sessions designed to either build teaching skills or research skills. Workshops may focus on various teaching strategies, statistical software packages, and/or database searches.  Online GA Training is available at

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Graduate Student Experience
"Central's Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy is a perfect balance of a challenge, and a manageable, fun learning experience. My faculty and peers have made my first two semesters incredibly enjoyable." - Katie Edmiston, PT Student

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