Application Deadlines

Processing Time
Letter of Admission

For most degree or certificate  programs, domestic students should begin the admission process at least 6 weeks before registration for the semester they plan to enroll. International students should begin the process 6-12 months before they intend to begin their graduate studies.  While these deadlines apply to most programs, some departments consider all their graduate applications on a specific date.

Be sure to check your program's web site to determine whether there is an application deadline and if supplemental application materials are required in your intended program.

The following programs currently have application deadlines as indicated:


February 1

March 15 for Fall Semester
October 15 for Spring Semester

September 1 for Spring Semester
February 1 for Summer or Fall Semester

March 1, or until full

January 3 for Joint M.A./Ph.D.
July 15 for Traditional MA for Fall
November 1 for Traditional MA for Spring Semester

February 15 for full consideration

March 1

November 1

October 1

February 1 for Applied Experimental Psychology
December 1 for Clinical Psychology
January 1 for Industrial/Organizational Psychology
November 15 for School Psychology

February 1 for Summer II Semester

February 1

Requirements may change, so all applicants, regardless of their field of specialization, should contact their specific departments to find out what, if any, application deadlines may exist.

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Processing Time

The student is normally notified of an admission decision 6 weeks after the completed application and supporting documents are received. This period is usually sufficient for receipt of transcripts and test results, and departmental review of the application. If transcripts or test results are delayed, the process will take longer. Students who have not received notification of an admission decision after 6 weeks should contact the College of Graduate Studies, unless they have applied to a program where all applications are considered after a specific date. Questions regarding admissions should be directed to the Admissions Specialist in the College of Graduate Studies at (989) 774-4723.

NOTE:  The above paragraph refers to admission to degree or certificate granting programs. There is no delay for admission as a non-degree student.

Caution: Before course work can be started, a student must apply for and be admitted to a program or be admitted as a non-degree student. Courses taken as a non-degree student may or may not be counted toward a graduate degree program.

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Letter of Admission

The College of Graduate Studies alone determines non-degree admission. Admission to a degree or certificate-granting program is always contingent upon departmental approval. All applications for degree or certificate-granting programs are sent by the graduate studies office to the appropriate departments. After a department evaluates the student's application and determines whether to recommend the student for admission, the department forwards its recommendation to the College of Graduate Studies.

The College of Graduate Studies either sends the student a letter of admission or denies admission, based on the department's recommendation.  The letter indicates the student's admission status: regular, conditional, non-degree, provisional, or concurrent as a graduating senior.  International applicants are generally not considered for non-degree or concurrent admission.

NOTE: Only the College of Graduate Studies has the authority to admit graduate students. A letter of admission is valid for one year. If a student does not register for classes within one year after being admitted for graduate study, the student is required to reapply before taking classes.

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