Continuing Scholars

Theia Easley
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Merlyn Mowrey
I am currently applying to PhD. programs in women’s studies and religious studies. My top schools for women’s studies are Emory University, Indiana University, University of Maryland, and the University of Wisconsin. My top schools in religious studies are Rice University, Boston University, Emory University, University of Pennsylvania, and Claremont graduate University. Right now I am focusing on strengthening the connections I made with prospective mentors at the various programs at my top schools. I am also looking to schedule some school visits in the next month. My long term goal is to get my McNair research project published, get accepted into my schools of choice with full funding, and to finish my last year of undergraduate strong."

Nicole Fergestrom
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Janet Miller
"I am a younger continuing scholar. McNair has helped me so much. I am better able to define my passion now. I have so much more knowledge about what graduate school is. Before I got into McNair, I was not really aware of what getting a Ph. D. meant and why I would want to get it. Currently, I have applied to three schools for summer research and I am just awaiting replies for those and I very excited about where I applied to as well. Anyway, if it were not for the McNair program, I would be lost and probably still striving to go to medical school, where I do not think I belong at all. In the future, I see myself conducting research on children with post-traumatic stress disorder, as it relates to the brain. There is extensive research on veterans with PTSD, however there is not nearly as much research on children inflicted by the disorder. Hopefully, that means I can find holes in the research and provide a better understanding about how PTSD presents itself in young children."

Samantha Legere
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wenjun Du
"I still have time before applying to graduate school. I do plan to pursue a PhD studying mechanisms of human disease. Then become a professor and mentor minority students. Right now though, I am waiting to hear back from summer research programs (Penn, Pittsburgh, Boston, Madison, Virgina tech and Ohio State). I will also be going to Bermuda for two weeks to study the human impact on marine ecosystems."