Current Scholars

2015 Cohort

Aaron Argall
Biomedical Sciences
GLP-1 Agonist Protects High Fat Diet Induced Obesity & Insulin Resistance
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Lixin Zi

Ashton Guidebeck
Fatherhood Intergenerational Effects
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ed Long

Brady Hasse
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Johansen

Kurt Mai
Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience
Aging and Stress on Oocytes
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Schisa

Taylor Morgan
First Generation Students
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Phame Camarena

Rodney Nichols
Biomedical Sciences
The Role of Axon Guidance Molecules in Cancer
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Alan

Mara O'Neill
Synthesis and Uptake of Trehalose Analogs by Mycobateria
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ben Swarts

Taylor Ripke
Computer Science
Facilitating Disabled Children Mentally & Physically Through Open Accessible Gaming
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Anthony Morelli

Camila Sarmiento
Perception of the Public Toward Exonerees Based on Their Race
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kyle Scherr

Rachel Schumaker
Synthesis and Characterization of Pt (IV) Succinato Derivatives
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Bob Howell

Jazmin Simmons
Cultural Beliefs and Workplace Outcomes
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kimberly O'Brien

Holly Sucharski
Biomedical Sciences
Gene Pathways Affect on Carcinogenesis
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Alan

Thomas White
Mechanical Engineering 
Fluid Behavior in Hydrophylic PDMS-based Microfluidic Channels
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Tolga Kaya
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