Current Scholars

​"The McNair Flow​"

We have McNair scholars in a variety of stages in the graduate school process.  Most of our "older" scholars will be graduating this year and are in the process of applying to graduate school.  Scholars usually figure out where they will be going (based on the variety of offers they receive!) by March.  Our goal is to have our McNair students receive full-funding for their Ph.D. programs---and most do!  

Some scholars have completed our Summer Research Institute and have an additional year before they will apply to graduate school.  These scholars typically apply for and get placed in various Summer Research Opportunity Programs around the country---it's a sweet deal!  They get to do research with faculty at one of their top-choice graduate schools while they get a sense of the their prospective school. SROP's also help scholars make some great connections that can help facilitate their successful entry into a graduate program that following fall.

Speaking of fall---we recruit a new group of McNair scholars every fall.  We orient them before the holiday break and they formally begin their McNair journey with our research writing course in the spring.  Scholars connect with their faculty research mentors and immediately begin formulating their summer research projects.  By the end of spring semester, they complete and present their research proposals. They also start thinking about graduate school and preparing for the GRE, especially the verbal portion. Their next step will be the Summer Research Institute in which they will complete their research, fully prepare for and take the GRE and develop their individualized graduate school action plans.