Current Scholars

2015 Cohort

Aaron Argall
Biomedical Sciences
Characterizing the Role of Mutationally Activated Rac1 in Cancer Using C. Elegans
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Alan

Brady Hasse
Androgen Receptor Coregulator Transcriptional Activities in Kennedy’s Disease
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Johansen

Kurt Mai
Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience
Regulation of Ribonucleoprotein Remodeling in C. Elegan Oocytes
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jennifer Schisa

Taylor Morgan
First Generation Proud
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Phame Camarena

Mara O'Neill
Synthesis of Trehalose Analogues and Uptake by Mycobacteria
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Ben Swarts

Taylor Ripke
Computer Science
Exergames: Developing Sensory Substitution Utilizing Vibrotactile and Audio Cues
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Anthony Morelli

Camila Sarmiento
The Effect of Race and Crime: An Investigation of Prejudice Toward Wrongfully Convicted Individuals
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kyle Scherr

Rachel Schumaker
Integration of the Cancer Drug Cisplatin into a Hyperbranched Polymer in Order to Decrease Side-Effects During Cancer Treatment
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Bob Howell

Jazmin Simmons
Personality in Relation to Counterproductive Work Behavior, and the Mediating Role of Justice
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Kimberly O'Brien

Holly Sucharski
Biomedical Sciences
Exploring the Role of Axon Guidance Molecules in Pancreatic Cancer Using C. Elegans
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jamie Alan

Donovan Watts
Political Science
Knowledge and Attitudes of CMU’s African American Students About Recent Conflicts Between Law Enforcement Officers and African Americans
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Joyce Baugh

Thomas White
Mechanical Engineering 
Evaluation of Hydrophilic Properties of Polydimethylsiloxane for Possible Microfluidic Sweat Sensor Applications
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Tolga Kaya
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