Admissions Processing

Phone:  989-774-4444
Fax:  989-774-3232

Admissions Processing Staff

(Staff listed below handle the corresponding portion of the alphabet)
A-M Amy Courter (989-774-1804,
N-Z   Marisa Ouillette (989-774-7352,

Registrars - Graduation

212 Warriner Hall
Phone:  989-774-3261
Fax:  989-774-3783


Graduation Auditors

(Staff listed below handle the corresponding portion of the alphabet)
A-G    Mary Theisen (989-774-7147,
H-O   Laura Dana (989-774-1922,
P-Z    Patricia Schafer (989-774-7145,

Graduate Recruiting, Ronan 230
Mount Pleasant Campus

  • Graduate Student Recruiting
  • Graduate Program Promotions
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEM)
  • Academic SEM & Program Recruiting Support
  • Graduate Enrollment Management (GEM)

Rob Hassen​Rob Hassen
Manager/Graduate Recruiting
  • Front-line assistance for potential grad students
  • SEM, GEM, strategic recruiting plans & activities
  • Graduate recruiting at fairs, activities, and events
  • Graduate program promotions, recruiting, & support
  • Graduate Program Partnership Assistance
  • Grad data dashboard, data warehouse, and data reports
  • Graduate websites, landing pages, apps & social media 

Coordinator of Graduate Recruiting

Currently Vacant
Graduate Student Recruiting
Graduate Program Promotions & Support
Graduate School Fairs & Events, Travel & Support

Dennise Abbey
Temporary Senior Office Specialist
  • Prospective Graduate Students
  • Graduate CRM, Data & Reports
  • Administrative Support

College of Graduate Studies - Foust 251

Items handled by the College of Graduate Studies:

  • Policies
  • Curricular Approval (Graduate Committee)
  • Academic Probation
  • Graduate Student Grants
  • Thesis/Doctoral Project/Dissertation/Journal Article(s) Review & Approval
  • GA Training
  • Some Graduate Student Forms

David AshDr. David Ash
Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
Kara Owens​Kara Owens
Coordinator/Undergraduate & Graduate Programs