Students and faculty at Central Michigan University and the residents of Isabella County should feel safer when severe weather strikes now that the university and county have earned the NOAA National Weather Service's StormReady® distinction ( It happens when you least expect it - the unthinkable strikes. We see examples of it all the time, whether it be a devastating fire, a major natural disaster, or a surprising terrorist attack. Do you know what to do if such an emergency were to occur?

Procedures for closing the University or delaying operations have been established and will be implemented in times of severely inclement weather or other extreme situations.

Every operational unit of the university is strongly encouraged to develop a Business Continuation Plan that outlines how services would be sustained or returned to normal if a crisis were to occur. For those units seeking assistance in the preparation of such a plan, an administrative guide is available as a reference.

Emergency Procedure Plans are also in place for each building on campus, and contain valuable information that may prove useful in an emergency situation, including evacuation procedures and floor plans.

It is hard to predict exactly what may happen and when.
The best course of action is to be prepared!

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