To utilize your tuition waiver benefit, you must complete and submit a tuition waiver request form, available in CentralLink under My Account -> My Work Day -> Graduate Assistant Tuition Waiver Request. Tuition waiver requests must be submitted during the designated waiver period.

  • Fall:  July 15 - October 31
  • Spring:  November 15 - February 28
  • Summer:  April 15 - July 31

Prior to submitting a request, you MUST receive an official letter of appointment from the Dean of Graduate Studies for the semester which you are requesting a waiver, or have remaining available tuition waiver credits from the current academic year.

Additionally, you MUST be registered for the credit hour(s) you are requesting to waive. It is strongly encouraged that tuition waiver requests be submitted as soon as possible after registering for the course(s).

Submitted tuition waiver requests are reviewed and processed by Faculty Personnel Services (FPS). Approved requests are forwarded to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (OSFA) to be applied to your financial aid package, and to Student Account Services and University Billing (SASUB) to be applied to your student account. This process may take 2 – 3 weeks.

You may monitor the status of your requests in CentralLink. You are responsible for paying all fees (i.e. course fees, phone, rent, etc.) and any excess tuition owed, including late fees assessed due to outstanding tuition not covered by your tuition waiver. If changes in your enrollment occur after you have submitted an original tuition waiver request, promptly submit a drop or add waiver request. Any refund received as a result of over reimbursement from a tuition waiver will be returned to the University.

Questions regarding your tuition waiver request may be directed to Faculty Personnel Services.
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