Each year, we are pleased to welcome both new and returning students to Central Michigan University to pursue your graduate studies and to provide a valuable service to our university by being selected as a GA. The Graduate Assistantship (GA) is a highly coveted position. GA’s provide support to professors through research or independently teaching undergraduate courses. GA’s may also work in labs or in various units on-campus.

Your department has chosen you as a top student to be a teaching, research or administrative GA and you will now take on extra duties as well as being a committed and dedicated student to your academic pursuits. By accepting this appointment I hope you realize very quickly the impact you will have on younger college undergraduates and on your chosen discipline.
We are here to assist you and the graduate dean continually advocates for excellence regarding every aspect of the graduate enterprise. If you need to speak with us regarding aspects of graduate education such as your graduate assistantship, plan of study, or thesis or dissertation, please do not hesitate to make an appointment. Also, you can find a great deal of information and any form related to CMU graduate education you might need on our website: www.grad.cmich.edu. And finally, let us know if CMU is not meeting your needs as a graduate student. We are always willing to consider new offerings to our graduate students; we just need to know what you need! The highly skilled creative workforce of tomorrow is developed through your graduate programs.
Again, we are most pleased that you have chosen CMU for your graduate studies. We believe you will find your graduate work and employment here at CMU challenging and rewarding.

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