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Types of Admission

There are five categories of admission at CMU: regular, conditional, non-degree, provisional, and concurrent as a graduating senior.  NOTE: An admission to the College of Graduate Studies is valid only if the accepted applicant registers as a graduate student within one calendar year of the effective admission date.


Applicants have met all College of Graduate Studies and any additional departmental admission requirements. 


Conditional admission to graduate study, even when accompanied by assignment to an academic advisor, does not constitute final admission. Students are considered to be admitted only when regular admission status has been granted. A student cannot be granted a degree or certificate while having conditional admission status. A student who was initially granted conditional admission, is considered to be regularly admitted to a specific curriculum only after he or she has: a. Fulfilled all the prerequisites for admission to the curriculum; b. Requested and been granted regular admission status through a petition for reclassification process. A student who is not sure of his/her status may request clarification from the advisor or the College of Graduate Studies; c. Submitted an Authorization of Degree Program - Graduate or Certificate Program form approved and signed by the curriculum advisor.


Students with this admission status typically are: 1) undecided as to curriculum choice, or 2) do not wish to earn a degree or certificate, or 3) do not meet the requirements for regular or conditional admission.  Non-degree matriculants may register for courses for which they meet the prerequisites. NOTE: Some courses are not open to non-degree students. Enrolling in graduate coursework as a non-degree student in a degree program does not guarantee admittance.  Non-degree students may take an unlimited number of courses while having non-degree status, provided that they maintain the required cumulative graduate 3.0 GPA.  However, credits earned during non-degree status may not be counted toward a degree or certificate if they were used to make up deficiencies in preparation. A maximum of nine credits earned during non-degree status may be applied toward a degree. A maximum of six credits earned during non-degree status may be applied toward a certificate. A department may provide a lower or higher limit.  Non-degree students should consult the Graduate Bulletin for additional information about their degree status. 


Frequently students apply to the College of Graduate Studies during their undergraduate senior year, with the understanding that they will complete the baccalaureate prior to beginning graduate studies. When these students are accepted into graduate school -- be it regular, conditional, or non-degree admission -- they are granted provisional admission, contingent upon providing the College of Graduate Studies with a final transcript showing completion of the baccalaureate degree. It is the student's responsibility to notify the College of Graduate Studies when he or she has completed the undergraduate degree requirements and to request that the registrar at the college or university issuing the diploma send an official copy of the final transcript showing the degree earned. The transcript must be sent from the registrar directly to the College of Graduate Studies. A final decision relative to the applicant's admission will be made and the student will be notified of the decision following receipt of the foregoing materials by the College of Graduate Studies. A student with provisional admission may register for classes for one semester while the College of Graduate Studies awaits the necessary documents. If the student fails to produce the required documents -- proof of degree, official transcripts, and official test scores -- the admission will be converted to a denial and the student may be removed from classes.


An undergraduate student may be permitted to register concurrently for graduate credit for the semester or session in which requirements will be completed for a baccalaureate degree, provided that the following conditions are met: 1) the student will be taking no more than 12 undergraduate credits during the semester of concurrent registration; 2) during the semester of concurrent registration, the student enrolls in all remaining courses required for graduation; 3) the student's total credit load (graduate and undergraduate courses) will not exceed 15 credits during the semester of concurrent registration; 4) the student has an undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.7 or, optionally, 3.0 in the most recently completed sixty semester hours of graded coursework toward the bachelor's degree; and 5) the student is admitted to the College of Graduate Studies, either conditionally or with non-degree status; (see sections on each type of admission for an explanation of the conditions associated with each). Students who do not comply with the conditions of concurrent admission may be dropped from their graduate classes. Students who fail to graduate at the end of the concurrently-enrolled semester or session will not be permitted to continue in the College of Graduate Studies until all requirements for the undergraduate degree have been met.

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