​Global ID

All CMU students, faculty, and staff are issued what is referred to as a “Global ID”.  Your Global ID consists of the first five letters of your last name, a number, and your first and middle initials (e.g. Jones1aa).  Activating your Global ID and password is an important first step in connecting to CMU’s virtual infrastructure and services.

Your Global ID and password provide secure access to a variety of systems via CentralLink.  If you experience difficulty using your Global ID and/or password, contact the CMU Information Technology Help Desk for assistance (989-774-3662 or online at https://www.cmich.edu/office_provost/OIT/Pages/default.aspx

Student ID Number

Your Student ID Number is the official identification number that allows CMU staff and faculty to uniquely identify each student.  CMU does not use social security numbers to identify students, although they are required for financial aid purposes.  Student ID numbers can be located on your personal site under “My Profile."

Student Identification Card

After initially registering for courses at CMU students need to obtain a photo ID card, available from the CentralCard Office in Bovee University Center Room 209. Students that previously attended CMU and already have a Central ID do not need to obtain a new one in order to continue as a graduate student. This Central ID card allows students to use the various student services, as well as, banking services. The first card is issued to the student at no charge. There will be a fee assessed for a replacement ID card due to loss or damage. Contact the CentralCard Office for additional information at 989-774-3484.

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