​Internships, Practica, Independent Studies, Theses/Doctoral Projects/Dissertations

Students registering for internships, practica, independent studies, theses/doctoral projects/dissertations/ credits should be aware that these courses ordinarily require the permission of the instructor and/or department chairperson prior to registration. Specific registration requirements for each course appear in the Graduate Bulletin. Students may NOT enroll for more than three thesis/doctoral project/dissertation credits until the Prospectus and committee composition have been approved at the department level and by the Director of Graduate Studies.

Theses/Doctoral Projects/Dissertations/Journal Articles

Satisfactory completion of a thesis is a requirement for some master's degree programs and optional on others. The satisfactory completion of a thesis at CMU is a requirement for some specialist's degrees, and satisfactory completion of a doctoral project or dissertation is a requirement for some doctoral degrees. Satisfactory completion is determined by the student's committee, department, college, and Graduate Studies.  The Journal Article option is available in some programs/departments.
The university has specific policies that govern research involving human or animal subjects and recombinant DNA. Information on experimentation may be obtained from the department or committee chairperson, or the Office of Research Compliance. Students are expected to follow the most recent Guidelines for the Preparation of Theses, Doctoral Projects, Dissertations, and Journal Articles which include stylistic guidelines and deadlines.


As you near completion of your degree, it is important to prepare for graduation, whether or not an individual intends to participate in commencement ceremonies.  In order to graduate, one must apply for graduation.  Applying for graduation generates an audit of your academic file.  CMU offers three commencement cycles:
  • On-campus Commencement Ceremony Held  -- May & December 
  • NO On-campus Commencement Ceremony Held -- August
In order to graduate students must submit the Graduation Application form and the appropriate fee by the specified dates for the semester in which the student intends to graduate.  Failure to apply by the appropriate graduation deadline, not complying with other required deadlines, and/or not completing degree requirements on time will result in the student needing to apply for the next commencement cycle and paying an additional fee.

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