​Academic Advising

Graduate Students at CMU are assigned to a faculty member or Graduate Coordinator in their department for advising purposes.  Graduate students should contact their academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss any prerequisites, possible transfer credits, and begin the course registration process.

Academic Load

There is no minimum load requirement for graduate study however, Graduate Studies considers a normal load for full-time resident study to be 9-12 graduate credit hours in the fall/spring semester and 4-6 graduate credit hours in a six-week summer session. Graduate students may not enroll for more than 15 graduate credits in the fall or spring semester, or in the two summer sessions combined. Exceptions to the limitation are automatic for programs that require more credits in a given semester. Other exceptions to the limitation require approval of the graduate advisor and Graduate Studies. Students that are recipients of U.S. federal student aid should be aware there are requirements defining a minimum number of credit hours for status as a full-time graduate student.

Registration Procedures

Graduate students may register any time during the registration period via the CentralLink portal. It is recommended that they register during the special time reserved for graduate students. Before registering, students should verify that they meet prerequisites and consult their advisors. Students with a “hold” on their account should contact the office indicated in the hold.

Program Plans

Students pursuing a graduate certificate or graduate degree must have a program plan created by the advisor in the Degree Progress System.  The program plan is the graduate student’s contract with the department that outlines the coursework, comprehensive exams, internship, thesis/doctoral project/dissertation/journal article, or other criteria a student must complete in order to earn his/her degree.  Changes to student's program plan should also be done through the Degree Progress System.

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