​Counseling Center

The Counseling Center provides a variety of free brief and time-limited services for currently enrolled (full or part-time) CMU students. Services include confidential individual counseling, group counseling, or referral for: personal issues such as an urgent situation or crisis, anxiety, depression, homesickness, loneliness, identity concerns, alcohol/drug abuse, eating concerns, college transitions, stress management, relationship concerns, couples concerns, family stress, grief/loss, relapse prevention, sexual orientation, strengthening coping skills, and personal growth and development; improving academic success, and learning study and time management skills; primary and secondary survivors of sexual and domestic violence, stalking, and harassment.

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Student Health Services

Student Health Services goal is to promote the health and wellness of CMU students and the CMU community by providing individualized medical care, health promotion, and disease prevention services tailored to the dynamic needs of the CMU campus. UHS provides services and programs to CMU students, their spouses and other authorized users. There is a charge for the care, but payment is not required on the date of service. The patient is responsible for providing current insurance information (health insurance card or photocopy) at the time of service. Two Student Health Services clinics are available on campus.  One in Foust Hall and the other is located in the Towers Residence Halls.  The Foust Hall location is open all year while the Towers Clinic is open during the academic year.  In addition, a laboratory, immunization/travel clinic, and allergy shot services are provided at the Foust Hall clinic.

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