College of the Arts and Media

Jayla Gaskins, Communication, Hiding in Plain Sight

Aimee Miller, Communication, All Abroad

College of Business Administration

Brittni Abiolu, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, Big Dreams

Emiy Doyle, Apparel Product Development & Merchandising Technologies, Empowering Design

George Thayer, Educational Technology, Educational Escape

Natalie Zainea, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Getting to Know Gaba

Natalie Zainea, Fashion Merchandising & Design, Where Fashion Meets Function

Lydia Patten, Speach-Language Pathology, Connecting Communities

Angela Iwebunor Okonji, Public Health, Perceiving Prevalence

DPT Students and faculty advisor Dr. Caroline Gwaltney, Physical Therapy, Learning How to Heal

Janae Alexander, Public Health, Award Winning Alum

Rosemarie Vitale, Nutrition & Dietetics, Take 2 Type 2‚Äč

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Michael Ignat, Cultural Resource Management, Remembering the Forgotten

Hannah Gulick, Cultural Resource Management, Modeling Minidoka

Emilee Madison, Political Science & Public Administration, Promising Proposal

Mitchell Todd & Irene Brodd, Psychology, Parents Fighting Against Obesity

Alexander Rigney, Psychology, Learning with Confidence

Jaclyn Bowes, Psychology, Helping the Helpers

College of Science and Engineering

Khandaker Foysal Haque, Engineering & Technology, Algorithmic Accuracy

Jacqueline Akins, Geography, Courtesy of the Coast

Ibrahim Lacin, Geography, Mobilizing Knowledge

Adedoyin Adeyilola, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Geological Power

Nathaniel Jones, Geography & Environmental Studies, Innovative Investigations

Cameron Nixon, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Chasing Discovery

Dustin Brewer, Earth & Ecosystem Science, Keen of the King

Fadal Aldhufairi, Statistics, Actuarial and Data Sciences, Compatible Copulas

Daniel Carlsen, Biology, Where has the Rice Gone?

Sampa Maiti, Science of Advanced Materials, Pesky Polymers