Economics Program

The Central Michigan University Department of Economics offers a Master of Arts degree program in economics.  Our program specializes in preparing students to enter and succeed in highly-ranked doctoral programs.  

The vast majority of our students enter our program with the intention of using CMU as a springboard toward admission with financial aid into a top PhD program.  Our MA program also prepares students to be professional economists for employment in commerce, industry, government or a teaching position at a community college.

The Economics Department at CMU offers many advantages including:

  • Low student-faculty ratio allows student to work closely with professors on research projects.  Co-authorship of published research between students and faculty is encouraged.
  • Because so many of our students are interested in PhD preparation, we are able to cater certain parts of our curriculum exclusively toward this objective. 
  • Recent graduates have gone on to highly ranked Ph.D programs.  See our recent placement record and more information on the MA in Economics website.
  • The department has a Seminar Series where Economists from nationally and internationally reputable institutions present their papers. Our students get the opportunity to hear these scholars in a friendly setting. After finishing their Plan B Paper/ Thesis and before applying to the Ph. D programs, students present their papers in the department Seminar Series. Watch a few presentations by clickng on the following links:

Accelerated Master of Arts in Economics

Students admitted to the Accelerated Master's Degree Program may earn up to twelve hours of graduate credit toward the MA in Economics for courses taken during their senior year.

These courses will count both toward their undergraduate degree and toward their MA degree in Economics. The student will need, first, to be admitted to the program and, second, to have completed the agreed-to plan of study.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the Economics program, please visit the Economics web site.

Economics Student Experience

"Graduate programs at Central Michigan University offer many hands-on learning experiences preparing students for real world success."

Drew St. Aubin
Graduate Student

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