The Master of Arts in Humanities is a multidisciplinary graduate degree designed for generalists, for students more interested in synthesis than specialization. It provides an integrated study of the humanities in a cross-disciplinary format.

MA in Humanities Program at CMU

Because the many subject areas of the humanities are naturally interrelated, this format emphasizes connection rather than fragmentation. Students generally select courses from traditional areas of the humanities, such as history, literature, philosophy, religion, music, and art. They also may include other areas of study, such as women's studies, anthropology, or political science.

The Master of Arts in Humanities program is flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of students. It is an appropriate choice for students seeking a graduate degree that offers educational development or a focus on interdisciplinary knowledge.

Representative Themes

  • The Rise of Industrial Society
  • Images and Ideas of Self
  • Contemporary Issues:  Race, Class, Gender
  • Popular Culture Studies
  • Native American Issues in Modern Culture

Additional Information

For additional information regarding Humanities, please visit the Humanities web site or contact

Susan A Schiller
English Language and Literature
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Student Experience

"I finally found my passion!  I returned to the work world after graduation with a breadth and depth that I never knew existed."

Nadine J. Lockwood
Class of 2013

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