Specialist in Education - Ed.S.

 The Ed.S. degree provides a planned program of graduate studies beyond the master's degree to prepare  leaders with the knowledge, skills, and networking needed to handle an ever-changing educational environment. 

Graduate students, under the specialist degree in general educational administration, may select courses that will develop skills in school or agency administration, central office, higher education, technology, or other leadership positions.  The Ed.S. degree was also designed for a seamless transition to an Ed.D. program; a valuable option for those students seeking additional educational and career opportunities.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the Specialist in Education program please visit the  Educational Leadership web site.

Specialist in Education - EdS

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Drew St. Aubin

"Graduate programs at Central Michigan University offer many hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for real world success."

Drew St. Aubin
MSA Student

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