Program Description

As a student in the doctor of audiology (Au.D.) degree program, you'll work hands-on with faculty and researchers in class and in state-of-the-art clinics. The audiology clinic in The Carls Center for Clinical Care and Education is CMU's in-house audiology clinic, which provides year-round diagnostic and intervention services for children and adults from central and northern Michigan, and offers on-campus supervised clinical practice for students in the Au.D. program. It also houses a mobile health unit that allows audiology students and staff to provide services to underserved populations. CMU has the longest running Au.D. program in the country with a history of excellence.

Research Opportunities and Assistantships

CMU typically awards one-half time graduate assistantships to all incoming first year students. Graduate assistants (GAs) are assigned to a particular audiology faculty or staff member for their assistantship which covers 20 academic credit hours and provides a stipend of $6,000 for the first year of study. Students receiving one-half time assistantships are obligated to perform up to 10 hours of assigned work for their respective faculty or staff member. Our clinic is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment in virtually all areas of audiology to facilitate clinical assessment and research opportunities.

Admission Requirements

The deadline for application to the Au.D. program is January 15 for the following fall semester.

Admission to the Au.D. program requires:

  • students must have completed or be in the final stages of completing a bachelor's degree;
  • a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and a minimum 3.0 GPA in their major coursework (MGPA), with no individual course grade below a 2.0;
  • completion of the following courses or their equivalencies:
    • CSD 230: Introduction to Speech, Language, and Hearing Disorders
    • CSD 278: Normal Speech Development / Descriptive Phonetics
    • CSD 330: Language Development
    • CSD 331:  Introduction to Audiology
    • CSD 335: The Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
    • CSD 431:  Audiological Rehabilitation
    • CSD 463: Introduction to Acoustic Phonetics; and
  • completion of the Graduation Record Examination (GRE)

All applicants must apply through CSDCAS, an online application service. DO NOT apply to CMU's College of Graduate Studies. ALL applicants must submit the Supplemental Application and Fee. 

Attendance at our Open House (scheduled late February or early March), or a personal visit to the Au.D. program / CMU Campus, or participation in a GoToMeeting session is required for admission consideration.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to complete a project under the direction of the faculty or staff member of their choice. The project can involve research, a review of literature, preparation of clinical information packets, etc.

Additionally, a one-year (usually paid) residency is required in the fourth year of the program at an audiological facility of the student's choice.

All students must pass a comprehensive examination at the end of their third year of study.

Career Outlook

                                                     The Doctor of Audiology degree program is housed within
                        The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions
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For More Information

Shannon Palmer, Au.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Audiology Division Director
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
Health Professions Building 1183
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
(989) 774-7288

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