Program Description

The gerontology graduate certificate program is designed to address the need for expertise in aging and adult development for graduate students and for professionals seeking to better serve their aging clients. This 18-credit interdisciplinary program is designed to complement students' major course of study, and is especially valuable to people interested in working in fields related to public health, sociology, psychology, human services, communication and occupational and physical therapy, to name a few. The program offers a foundation in theory, research and practice specific to late life.

Research Opportunities and Assistantships

Students enrolled in the gerontology graduate certificate program at Central Michigan University have opportunities to do research with gerontology faculty within the College of Education and Human Services, to work with the recently established Institute for Intergenerational Relations, to apply for internships at aging service facilities and to interact with nationally recognized experts in gerontology-related fields.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the gerontology certificate program requires a completed bachelor's degree or acceptance into a graduate degree program at CMU.

The certificate can be completed in three semesters, but a student-paced approach to the certificate is equally suitable.

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Graduation Requirements

Students seeking the graduate certificate in gerontology at CMU will study the psychology, social construction, and physical conditions of aging individuals and families. The required core courses are gerontology theory and practice, and public policy and aging. Students will work with the program advisor to select their remaining course work.

For More Information

Eileen E. Malonebeach, Ph.D.
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