Master of Arts in History

Program Description

The M.A. in history is a 30-hour program designed to be completed in three terms if students enroll full-time. Most classes are offered in the evenings and meet once a week in three-hour slots. Students work closely with a faculty advisor in their historical field to craft a unique course of study, and there are possibilities for significant interdisciplinary work in cognate fields.

Our Semester-Abroad Track gives students the opportunity to study history for a semester in Germany or France. Even students who choose not to go abroad, can take advantage of the department's emphasis on transnational and comparative history, building on the resources that support the Joint M.A./Ph.D. program. These include specialized courses in transnational history as well as close relationships with international students and faculty from our partner universities.

Joint M.A./Ph.D. in Transnational
and Comparative History

Program Description

The Joint M.A./Ph.D. program is designed to give students opportunities for directed research and study in a truly comparative and transnational environment.  Students will study at CMU in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and will study abroad at one of our partner institutions.
  • University of Strathclyde (Scotland)
  • University of Toulouse - Jean Jaur├ęs (France)
  • Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (Germany)
  • Ruhr University Bochum (Germany)

In the Joint PhD program, all students will earn both an MA and a PhD from CMU.  Those who already have an MA should be able to transfer some of those credits into the Joint degree.  Depending on where students choose to spend thei year abroad, some will also be able to earn an MA or a PhD from the partner institution as well. 

Whether at the master's or doctoral level, faculty work closely with students and mentor them through their research and publication endeavors.    

Research Opportunities and Assistantships

Teaching assistantships in history are awarded on a competitive basis to students with outstanding academic records who are enrolled full-time in the program. Based on twenty hours of teaching, or teaching-related work per week, the funding package includes a stipend, a tuition wiaver for up to 20 credit hours per year, and remission of most course-related fees.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Traditional MA Program requires:

  • a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited university; and
  • a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

For admission in the fall term, applications must be received by July 1. For spring term admission, the deadline is November 1. 

Apply online at

Students who wish to apply for an assistantship should complete an additional application form, available on the graduate funding page of the department website.

Admission to the Joint PhD Program requires:

  • at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited university;
  • a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.3;
  • GRE scores;
  • a statement of purpose in which you describe your academic background and preparation, including any language preparation, and identify the area or areas o history you want to study;
  • three letters of recommendation; and
  • writing sample
All students admitted to the Joint PhD Program will be awarded a GA position which includes a stipend and tuition waiver.

Applicants to the Joint PhD Program must complete both the university's online application at and the History Department's Joint PhD Program application available on the graduate funding page of the department website.  Both applications must be received by January 3.

Graduation Requirements

All MA students are required to demonstrate excellence in historical research and writing, for which the primary evidence is the writing of an MA thesis (Plan A) or two major research papers (Plan B). For full details on these and other graduation requirements, applicants are encouraged to consult the department's MA handbook

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