Program Description

Hello, and thank you for your interest in our former master's degree in Spanish program. I'm sorry to tell you that we no longer offer Spanish at the graduate-degree level.  However, we continue to provide an active and rigorous major and a minor in Spanish, and we've redirected our services and resources toward helping our undergraduate program become even better and more rewarding for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Demand for training and understanding of world cultures and cusomes continues to grow, and CMU is positioned to help with many languages, including Portugese, Japanese, German, French,  Arabic, and, of course, Spanish. We are sometimes asked about a graduate program in Spanish or another language, but we are committed to enabling undergraduate students to become as fluent and as skilled as possible, and to apply their language skills in professional settings whenever needed for their employers.

We've learned that many former students of Spanish, or other languages, apply for grad school when they truthfully only want one or two courses; they want to better understand a customer or client, or boss, and they really only need a couple of courses to become more conversational. The good news is CMU already provides that option at the undergraduate level. If you just want to brush up on former skills, or become better at conversational Spanish, you might not even need a master's.  Just check out our undergraduate course options and think about coming back to school for just a class or two, or visit our website.

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Dr. MarĂ­a Chouza-Calo

Spanish Professor / Spanish Programs
Department of World Languages and Cultures
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