The time required for a graduate program to make an admission decision depends upon whether that academic program grants rolling admissions or maintains an application deadline.

For a rolling admission degree program, the student is typically notified of an admission decision within 6 weeks after the completed application and supporting documents are received. This period of time is usually sufficient for transcripts and entrance exam results to be received by CMU, and for a departmental review of the application to be completed. If transcripts or test results are delayed, the process will take longer.

For programs with application deadlines, the application and all supporting documents should be received by CMU prior to the application deadline.  Departments will typically wait until the deadline date before reviewing the application materials. These programs may be highly competitive, and each department maintains its own set of comparitive values and standards to determine which of the applicants will be granted admission. Applicants are typically notified of the admission decision within three (3) or four (4) weeks after the deadline date.

For questions regarding admission requirements, interested students are invited to directly contact leadership within academic programs or the respective departments.  For other questions about admission, or to see if transcripts and other application support materials have yet been received, interested students should contact a CMU Admissions Specialist, by calling (989) 774-4444, extension 2, or by sending an email message to

NOTE:  The above information refers to admission applications to graduate-level degree or certificate granting programs. There is no delay for admission to CMU as a non-degree-seeking student.

NOTE: Before course work can be started, a student must apply for, and be admitted to, a graduate-level academic program, or be admitted to Graduate Studies as a non-degree-seeking student. Courses taken as a non-degree-seeking student may be prerequisite courses, or otherwise may or may not be counted toward completion of a graduate degree program.

Letter of Admission

Admission to a graduate degree or certificate-granting program is always contingent upon departmental approval. Applications for admission to these programs are received by CMU Admissions, if necessary kept on file until supplimental application materials are also received, and then forwarded to the appropriate department for consideration. Note: depending upon the program, departments may require additional supplimentary materials and may choose to wait a while longer for these additional supplimentary materials to arrive before evaluating the application.

Applications for non-degree-seeking admission are evaluated entirely by CMU Admissions, and the application materials are not forwarded to any academic unit to review or evaluate.

After a department decides that an applicant may be admitted to its graduate degree or
certificate program, it gives approval to Graduate Studies to then verify information and details about the applicant and then make a formal decision to admit the student to the specified academic program within CMU's Graduate Studies.

The admissions service unit, also known as Admissions Processing, finishes verifying application information and details as needed, directly after receiving departmental approval to grant admission to the student. Assuming all application information is correct and accurate, the student will be granted official Admission to the Graduate Studies.

All applicants will receive an official letter from Admissions Processing, one of acceptance or one of denial. Please know that a denial of admission to one graduate program at CMU is not a denial from all other graduate programs.  In fact, sometimes a student who is denied into one graduate degree program will be admitted to a different graduate degree program, and even advance beyond graduate school into very successful careers.

When the applicant is approved and admitted, Admissions Processing sends the student an Admissions Letter that indicates the student's Admission Status (as regular, conditional, non-degree, provisional, concurrent, or as accelerated for the senior year). International applicants are generally not considered for non-degree or concurrent admission, unless currently enrolled at another accredited institution within the U.S., and already here on an approved VISA.

NOTE: Although academic departments must give approval before an admission offer is made, only CMU Applications Processing has the authority to admit graduate students on behalf of CMU's Graduate Studies.

NOTE: A Letter of Admission is valid for one year. If the student does not register for classes within one year after being admitted for graduate study, the student is required to reapply for graduate admission, and graduate admission is not guaranteed that following year.

Admissions Status

Students have one year to enroll in graduate course work after being admitted into the Graduate Studies or their file becomes inactive and they can no longer register for classes.