​There are five types of admission into Graduate Studies. Each type of admission, as outlined below, enables students to take graduate course work through Central Michigan University. International Students are not typically considered for non-degree or concurrent admission.   If you are unsure which type of admission applies to you, please contact Applications Processing.

Regular Admission

Status may be granted to students who meet all university and program requirements for admission and who are selected by faculty for admission into graduate programs. Program requirements are available on the web for the program of interest.

Regular Admission with Stipulations

Status may be granted to students who faculty feel will succeed in a graduate program, but who may not meet all the requirements for regular admission. Students who are admitted with stipulations must meet specific stipulations (such as completion of undergraduate prerequisites, demonstration of English language proficiency, successful completion of graduate course work, demonstration of behavioral skills appropriate within a profession, etc) prior to being granted regular admission. Students must obtain regular admission status in order to be granted a degree or graduate certificate.


Status may be granted to students who are not admitted into specific graduate programs. Prospective students should apply for non-degree status if they are undecided about program choice, are not interested in earning a graduate certificate or degree, or do not meet specific requirements of a program. Students granted non-degree admission must apply for regular admission into graduate programs to ensure graduate course work is counted toward a graduate certificate or degree.


Status is granted to students who are admitted into graduate programs prior to completion of the baccalaureate degree.  This type of admission is for students who will be receiving the baccalaureate degree prior to beginning graduate studies. Once students submit their undergraduate transcripts, with the bachelor's degree posted, their admission status is reassessed.

Concurrent Admission

As a graduating senior concurrent admission allows students who wish to begin taking graduate course work while completing their baccalaureate degree to do so if a number of conditions are met. Specifically, students must be in their last semester of undergraduate enrollment, must have 12 or fewer undergraduate credits to take, and must have an acceptable undergraduate grade point average. Interested students must  apply online to your program of choice or as a non-degree seeking graduate concurrent student and complete and return the concurrent application ​​​to Applications Processing, Global North, 802 Industrial Drive or email to Apply

Accelerated Admission

The Accelerated Master's Degree Programs (AMDP) is intended for a) CMU undergraduate students who possess a strong academic background; b) are maintaining a "B" average in their undergraduate coursework; c) are generally going into their senior year; and d) plan to complete their graduate degree at CMU. The program allows specific graduate level courses that, upon successful completion and graduation, will apply to the student's graduate record at CMU. Students should refer to the Accelerated Master's Process Guide on the Graduate Studies website to confirm they complete all necessary steps.

Questions?  Call Admissions Processing (989) 774-4444, extension 2.