The Graduate Neighboring Regions Tuition Merit Award is available to all students (U.S. or international) who meet requirements below:

The Neighboring Regions Tuition Award program grants domestic tuition rates to students from Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin who have at least a 3.3 overall undergraduate grade point average and to students from Ontario, Canada, who have at least a 3.0 overall undergraduate grade point average.

​This award is valid for the entire duration of the recipient's graduate program provided he/she maintain a cumulative GPA 3.0 or higher each semester to remain eligible.  If the student falls below this requirement they will lose the award for all future semesters.  This policy may not be appealed.

​How to Request a Graduate Tuition Award

To request a Graduate Tuition Award, complete the attached Graduate Domestic Tuition Award Requestand email it prior to registering for graduate coursework, to  For questions call (989) 774-2796.