CMU students studying abroad in The Netherlands​​

The Cultural and Global​ Residential College (CGRC) is a community for international and domestic students who are passionate about cultu​ral exchange and global experiences.  Living in the CGRC allows residents to participate in intellectual, cultural and social exchanges with people who have a wide range of backgrounds and interests, in one of the most attractive locations on campus. Through a ​partnership with the School for Public Service and Global Citizenship and the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, the CGRC offers an international-domestic floor in Herrig Hall, globally-themed hall programs, faculty workshops, and hands-on service learning experiences. 

Community: Live with others interested in cultural and global studies

Academics: Learn more effectively by taking classes and studying with others in the residential college for your first semester and beyond.

Service:  Take part in regular community service with your peers to build important connections and develop interpersonal skills

Scholarship: Connect with opportunities for research, professional development, & cultural experiences to build global skills for​​ success.​